Community Point Of Care Test for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Fast Results
patient receives their results during the consultation or using a standard waiting room protocol.

Definitive answers
over 95% sensitivity and specificity. Able to rule out whether infection is viral or not in 80% of cases

Immediate reassurance
tackles challenge of drug seeking behaviours with objective data

Simple steps
collect swab, insert swab into cartridge, insert cartridge into device, press ‘Go’ and results are produced in minutes.

clinicians receive results with guidance to inform prescribing. Quantification data can be used to estimate colonisation levels.

Our device has an easy to use workflow that minimises sample handling, and allows it to be used simply at the community point of care.

1. Nasopharyngeal swab

2. Sample inserted into disposable cartridge

3. Cartridge placed into device

4. Sample prepared, DNA amplified and fluorescence detected automatically

5. Results displayed with pathogen and quantification data

6. Targeted treatment

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